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Just needing to rant a little....

Quick background: I'm 35, married for 7 years (not itchy yet), with 4 year old and 6 month old sons. My wife works from home to make enough money to help pay off our debt, plus the childcare that's required in order for us to pay off our debt. If she didn't work, we wouldn't be able to reduce any of our debt. So basically she makes just enough to pay for day care and keep the balances dropping. When our elder son is ready for kindergarten, and we only have one day care bill, we'll pay down even more debt. Such is our plan.

Okay, so I've been working 60 hour weeks for the past several months now. I love my job (in the IT field), but I think it's killing me. My wife is being very kind in that, after I realized I had 6 weeks of vacation time on the books, she is allowing me and a buddy to take a week and go to NYC where we used to live. Of course, we're going to be staying with a friend who has a 4 year old, but one can't have everything perfect.

My wife also gets migraines. Thursday she had a doozy. Now, already being WAY behind at work, I had to come home and 'work' from home while she slept off the medication. Today I worked from home to help out, and actually got some things done, though not nearly what I would have otherwise hoped for. I'm still so far behind it's ridiculous.

Then tonight, I told her that I'd like to try to get caught up on work tomorrow morning (as much as possible), then go with her to the open house at the Montessori school, after which I planned to take our 4 year old with me to go get my watch fixed, pick up dog food, and get him some sunglasses (he lost his old ones, unfortunately). I was met with a sigh, telling me that just for once, she'd like to catch up on work on a Saturday.

Now, maybe I'm off base here, but if I'm making 75% of our total income, paying for house, cars, groceries, utilities, and essentially everything except for day care and credit card debt, and I get behind enough to even WANT to work on a Saturday after a 60 hour week, should I be pissed that she wants me to put that aside so she can get caught up? Because right now, I'm feeling a little self-righteous.
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