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Wedding Songs

My wife has this game that she loves to play with me. Being that she is now a stay at home mom after the birth of our second daughter she is getting better at it. I love my girls to death. One day I had this thought about when they grow up who will they be, who will they marry if they do, will it be a man or a woman (ya gotta wonder right?) and if and when they do marry what song will I dance to with them? I said for our oldest it would be "Lullabye" by Billy Joel because I used to rock and sway her to sleep to it as I softly sang it to her. As for our youngest daugther I don't know. The other night I was watching The Jazz Singer while holding her and started to sing the song along with Neil Diamond. She started to coo and shine the biggest smile melting me heart and soul. Tears and all.

The game is this: She goes onto the web and finds songs to play for me to see how I will react to them. Tears or thing that it is just good. I can't stand her messing with my emotions like that though it is fun to see what she finds.

What do you all think of it?
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