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New dad here!

I like the idea of this group, but it looks like there's not much activity.  Maybe we can get things going with some good posts.  If only I could come up with a good post :)

Anyway, I've got a 20-week old boy named Liam who's just a joy to behold.  Tiring, sometimes frustrating, but I tell ya, he's already smarter, funnier and better looking than me.  I guess he gets it from his mother's side.  I'm really interested in stories people may have whose kids are older, to give me ideas of things I can do with him when he's 6-, 9-, 12-months old and beyond.

I keep telling my wife I'm going to teach him how to play football, how to write web-based applications, how to play guitar, and how to build cool stuff (I'm designing a catapult to build with him), but I figure all that's a ways off.   What can I do in the mean time to prime him for all the crazy stuff I want to show him?
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August 10 2009, 05:09:53 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  August 10 2009, 05:10:56 UTC

For now, talk to him, ALL the time. REAL words. Say the word when he sees the object. Develop little fun games like "Peek!" that he can enjoy. Show him books and magazines... let him destroy an occasional cheap magazine. Take him for walks. Put him in a back mounted child carrier and take him on a woodland path, and listen to his breathing when you do. He will like routines: they comfort him. Develop a routine you can do with him every day. Rock him to sleep when he's worn out and over stimulated.

Oh... and... help mommy all the time. :)

P.S.: Congratulations!!!
It sounds so simple! Thanks for the response! I think he's almost strong enough for the back-mounted carrier. It'll be perfect when the Fall comes and the weather's just a little cooler.
Hi, right now just let him watch you on your computer, maybe get an old key bored and mouse so he can play along, show him lots of pictures of your interests, talk to him about them when he's just watching you, try and get him to watch a football game with you, but always rember, if he doesn't develop an interest in something you want him to have one in, don't push, let him be himself as he grows.
That's a good idea; I remember being a small child and hating to be pushed into doing things that weren't fun for me. It's all about introducing things and letting him figure it out, isn't it?

Those were really all just examples, the first ones that came to mind. I want to show him the world! It's just a question of what to do first... But the simple, measured approach you suggest sounds great.

It's pretty cool when he watches me play guitar. He watches my right hand strumming for a few seconds, then my left hand on the fretboard, then back to the strumming. Clearly, he's trying to figure it out. It's all I can do not to go out and buy him a little tiny guitar :) I think I'll wait at least another few months for that!