bennomatic (bennomatic) wrote in fatherhood,

New dad here!

I like the idea of this group, but it looks like there's not much activity.  Maybe we can get things going with some good posts.  If only I could come up with a good post :)

Anyway, I've got a 20-week old boy named Liam who's just a joy to behold.  Tiring, sometimes frustrating, but I tell ya, he's already smarter, funnier and better looking than me.  I guess he gets it from his mother's side.  I'm really interested in stories people may have whose kids are older, to give me ideas of things I can do with him when he's 6-, 9-, 12-months old and beyond.

I keep telling my wife I'm going to teach him how to play football, how to write web-based applications, how to play guitar, and how to build cool stuff (I'm designing a catapult to build with him), but I figure all that's a ways off.   What can I do in the mean time to prime him for all the crazy stuff I want to show him?
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